Collection: Ryan Sarah Murphy

Ryan Sarah Murphy’s creative practice is intuitive and process-driven, generated by the found ephemera of her daily experience. Her work is rooted in landscape, where the geometry of the horizon line acts as a conceptual or physical starting point for works on paper, video animations, photography, or sculptural reliefs. Through her artwork, Murphy examines the psychological underpinnings within spatial forms and how the configuration of architectural elements can be shaped to personify one’s inner experience. Her work has been shown in exhibitions nationally and internationally including Kathryn Markel Fine Arts (NY); ODETTA Gallery (Brooklyn); Platform Gallery (Seattle); Ground Floor Gallery (Brooklyn); Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT) and Poimena Gallery (Tasmania). Permanent collections include the Foundation Center (New York) and the Holter Museum of Art (Montana). She is a recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (2014) and a Working Artist Grant (2018), and has held residencies at the I-Park Foundation (East Haddam, CT) and The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Her work has been featured and reviewed in the New York Times, ARTnews, Maake Magazine, Tory Burch Daily, and Embark Magazine. Ryan lives and works in New York, NY.