Collection: Carlson Hatton

Carlson Hatton’s densely layered mix of figuration and abstraction grapple with how sound, memory and culture shape our visual perception and the impossible task of capturing what one sees. Psychologically fueled representations of pop-culture, fashion and art history lurk beneath a flurry of gestural marks that both obscure and reveal. Compositions are frequently brought to the brink of collapse with vibrant hues and chaotic patterning that celebrate the overwhelming psychedelia of everyday life. Having discovered complex configurations of space within cartoons long before cubism, Hatton’s work creates and simultaneously denies illusions of depth with a mixture of acrylic paint, collage aesthetics, and a broad range of print inspired techniques. Hatton received his BFA from the Cooper Union and later spent several years in the Netherlands where he completed post graduate programs at the Ateliers and the Jan van Eyck Academie. Exhibitions include Patrick Painter Gallery, Shoshana Wayne, the Frederick Weisman Museum, the Torrance Art Museum, Gallery Nouvelles Images in Den Haag, TW Art in Brisbane and the Carnegie Art Museum. He recently completed artwork for an LA Metro station on the Crenshaw Line which is scheduled to open in 2020. Hatton lives and works in Los Angeles, California.